Azumanga Daioh Episode 22 English Sub

December 4, 2012

As summer break has started, Tomo proposed that the girls should take a trip to Chiyo's summer house with the intent to study for the entrance exams. Kaorin will be able to accompany them this time. With nine people total, they must split up between Nyamo's new car and Yukari's old car. Kaorin is initially frightened to board it, but nervously decides otherwise after Sakaki volunteers to go with Yukari. Tomo is focused on just going to the beach rather than on studying for the entrance exams. The girls begin to study in the evening. Tomo is frustrated that her plan was dashed, while Osaka is doltish for not understanding simple questions. It is unveiled that Nyamo cannot answer a question in mathematics, prompting Yukari to show her up just by making a speech. The next morning, Kaorin tries to take pictures of Sakaki, but Tomo jumps in front of her camera every time. Osaka, who is half-asleep, desires to wake Yukari up by banging at a frying pan. However, when she heads into Yukari's room, she holds a knife in her hand, which scares the teacher out of her mind. As the summer break concludes, Tomo comes to class in a highly delusional state, convincing Osaka to soon join her. Chiyo tries desperately to get them motivated, to no avail, until Kagura knocks both of them senseless to get them motivated, accidentally including Chiyo. Yukari later comes to class much in the same state, causing Chiyo to react accordingly.