Azumanga Daioh Episode 20 English Sub

December 4, 2012

The girls are finally seniors, though having class on the third floor of the school is disadvantageous. Yukari encourages the class to study for the upcoming entrance exams for college the following year. Nyamo receives a handbag from her class as a birthday present, upsetting Yukari since her class forgot about her birthday, which falls during spring break. Yukari is given a handbag from her class the next day to make up for her past birthday. Intending to show off her handbag to Nyamo, Yukari is suddenly interceded by Kimura. Tomo plans to become a police officer. Chiyo wants to apply to an American college, but Osaka scars her with the image of getting kidnapped or murdered. Sakaki tranquilizes them with the vision that Chiyo-Father would come to aid Chiyo. Later after school, Tomo says that Chiyo might as well become the president of the United States, making Osaka fantasize about how Chiyo would have her own country populated by many little lookalikes of her. Yomi decides to buy pork buns since they do not have sugar in them. Chiyo introduces Tomo and Yomi to Miruchi and Yuka-chan, who now sport their own uniforms. Kaorin becomes class president in Kimura’s class, much to her chagrin. She contemplates of her memories with Sakaki. After running into Kimura's wife, who has come to bring his lunch, Kaorin resolves to find his good points, one of which is gardening.