Azumanga Daioh Episode 17 English Dub

December 4, 2012

After school, Chiyo invites Osaka to the bookstore, since she wants to buy a panda photo album, prompting Osaka to question whether the fur of a panda is white on black or the opposite. After Tomo and Yomi are asked the same question, Osaka quickly changes the subject to mention a terrifying experience of smelling a fart that did not come from her. The next day, when Yukari comes for class, she declares being tired of teaching only language arts and starts an impromptu gym class, after a frustrated attempt with mathematics. She proposes a soccer match with her students, but after seeing her own ineptitude, she switches to dodgeball, though it seems that Tomo starts to tease Chiyo by throwing the ball over her head. Later at the teachers' lounge, Yukari is checking a mail order gift catalog, musing over its kosher foods, focusing solely on Matsusaka beef however. Tomo and Kagura get into an argument at class concerning Chiyo's belief in Santa Claus, coming up with explanations regarding how gifts are given around the world in one night. When Chiyo settles the matter by saying that Santa Claus is her father, this leaves Sakaki overly flustered with Chiyo-Father on her mind. Then Tomo asks what Yomi would preferred as a gift, to which she responds with a request for a large sum of money. Chiyo answered with the necessity of having a star decorated on top of a Christmas tree in the station square. Then Kagura asks if reindeers exist, Tomo is convinced to disagree, although she is stood corrected. Tomo and Osaka soon figure out that the follow year will be the Dragon of the Chinese zodiac. Chiyo is very serious of her academic progress, nonetheless Tomo is not very earnest of her future. On Christman Eve, the girls decide to go to a karaoke bar to watch each other sing.