Azumanga Daioh Episode 15 English Sub

December 4, 2012

Yukari promises her class free drinks and steak if they win the athletics festival this year. The girls are incredulous to find out that Kimura has a wife and daughter. Chiyo, Tomo, and Osaka have ambitious aspirations for the basket scramble, yet Chiyo is the one out of the three to score a point. Tomo carelessly rolls a gigantic ball over Chiyo in the ball rolling. Osaka enjoys putting her face in flour in the obstacle course, only to lose her chance of winning. During the cavalry battle, Tomo is the horseman, while Chiyo, Yomi, and Osaka make up the horse. The horse collapses, partly because Osaka pretends to eat with chopsticks to figure out right from left, without confronting another team. Tomo tells Yomi, who is drinking juice to replenish, to drink water instead due to Yukari's promise. Tomo uses an empty can to get the attention of Kimura's wife, trying to find how loyal she is to her husband. During the scavenger race, Chiyo is assigned to look for something stupid, borrowing Tomo to fit the description, but without telling her. For the three-legged race, Kaorin is given the chance to be partnered with Sakaki, since Chihiro has sprained her ankle. When the marathon begins, Tomo starts with a last spurt to take the lead, but she ends up in last place with Chiyo and Osaka. Sakaki and Kagura come in sixth and fifth, respectively. Yukari’s class overall wins the festival, as Yukari starts to taunt Nyamo's class for losing. The episode ends with Yomi on a bathroom scale, unsatisfied with her weight change.