Azumanga Daioh Episode 9 English Sub

December 4, 2012

At a movie theater, Sakaki watches a film about a girl who finds a stray cat, and is emotionally affected by it. At school, Kaorin shows off photos of her new kittens to Sakaki. This inspires her to attempt to photograph a cat she finds, however this one prevents her from obtaining a clear shot of it. Sakaki later spots Chiyo in a cat costume, though she helps Chiyo carry it back to her home, since Chiyo had a hard time wearing it. Back in class, Chiyo reveals that her birthday is coming up soon. Chiyo prefers to be taller in order to be cool, but Sakaki prefers to be shorter in order to be cute. Yomi concocts to organize a birthday party for Chiyo. Sakaki envisions both Chiyo and herself in ribbons, to different effects. Sakaki goes in pursuit of a gift. A cat notebook is taken by a girl when Sakaki is distracted, and a toy cat malfunctions as she reaches for it. She is then led to a crane game full of stuffed animals, picking up two plush cats after three tries. At Chiyo's house, the guests arrive and present their gifts. Tomo gives Chiyo a magic wand, but this fails to impress her. Yomi gives her a book, and Sakaki gives her one of the plush cats from the crane game. Osaka also gives her a plush cat, which Sakaki recognizes as Chiyo-Father. Chiyo and Tomo then argue whether the Yomiuri Giants or the Hanshin Tigers will win the upcoming baseball season. The group takes a stroll through a park with Mr. Tadakichi, seeing and enjoying a gorgeous sunset.