Azumanga Daioh Episode 8 English Sub

December 4, 2012

Osaka dreams Chiyo flying using her pigtails as propellers. When Osaka takes Chiyo's pigtails off her head, Chiyo collapses. Osaka panics, attaches Chiyo's pigtails to her head and flies away. Meanwhile, Tomo dreams about herself being a heroic high school student, winning beauty contests and scoring fulls marks in a test while Chiyo and Yomi score zero marks. At the same time, Sakaki dreams about meeting Chiyo, who introduces a cat to her but the cat identifies himself as Chiyo-Father. She also dreams about being invited to Chiyo's house to have dinner with Chiyo and Chiyo-Father. Kaorin dreams about being rescued by Sakaki from the yakuza. Her dream is interrupted by her mother waking her up to meet her friends at a shrine for New Year's Day. When the group assembles, they remember that Chiyo were in their respective dreams. Yomi comes along to see Chiyo frantically asking what she was like in their dreams.