Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 32 English Sub

November 11, 2012

As the candidates celebrate Hibito's launch, they are informed they will return to Japan and will hear of the results a week after Hibito lands on the moon, though Mutta opts to stay in Houston until Hibito lands on the moon. Later on, Hibito gives an interview aboard the Orion as it makes his journey to the moon, which is broadcast across Japan. As Mutta spends time with Jennifer, she shows him Azuma with his family. As Mutta goes to greet them, Azuma shakes his hand and invites him to join them, where he learns more about him from his wife. Later that night, Azuma recalls the pressures she faced from the press after orbiting the moon and how it was Brian Jay who recommended Hibito to be the first to walk on the moon.