K (K-Project) Episode 3 English Sub

October 18, 2012

In a flashback, Mikoto surrenders to Reisi rather than fight him. As Reisi interrogates Mikoto, he wonders why the Red King has yet to choose his successor as his powers are reaching its limit. Meanwhile, Shiro asks Kuroh about the people with powers chasing him and the "Kings". Kuroh reveals that Japan is secretly being ruled by seven psychic clans called the Seven clans of Color, each ruled by a king. Unlike the Red Clan Homra and Blue Clan Scepter 4, whose clans possess the power of fire and lightning respectively, his late master's clan, the Colorless Clan, have the power of premonition. Before his master, Ichigen Miwa, passed away, he had a vision that his successor, Shiro, might become evil, which Kuroh is tasked to kill him if there is proof. Shiro convinces Kuroh the video released by Homra might be a fake and he shouldn't use that to quickly judge him that he is evil without knowing him first. Kuroh agrees to stop attacking him and get know to Shiro better, but if Shiro ever turns evil, he would kill him.