Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 24 English Sub

May 26, 2012

After Sieglinde and Raina use the Aegis system to fire a beam towards Thanatos, the entire Dragonaut team, including Jin and Kazuki, are transported into Thanatos, where Akira and Machina greet them. The two explain Thanatos's true nature and its intentions. In disagreement, the Dragonaut team decides to leave, except Jin, who is led to Toa by Gio. Gio then tries to kill Jin in order for the latter to become one with Thanatos as well as be with Toa forever, but Jin avoids his attacks and tries to talk some sense into him. Just as Toa begins to fuse with Thanatos, her love for Jin suddenly reunites them. Intrigued by this, Thanatos, in the form of Garnet and Asim, decide that instead of destroying humanity, it will fuse with it. Jin, Toa, and Gio then leaves Thanatos as it prepares to assimilate with all of humanity.