Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 22 English Dub

May 26, 2012

As Sieglinde and her comrades camp out in an abandoned building on an island, they stumble upon Sakaki, who has washed up on shore. Meanwhile, the ISDA conducts experiments on Laura, as Kazuki and Widow discuss her situation. At another location, Nozaki tells Kitajima about the purpose of the original Dragons sent to Thanatos. Back on the island, Jin and the others question Sakaki about his motives. Gio later appears to attack Nozaki's location, but Jin's group comes to their rescue, though is incapable of dealing any sufficient damage. Just as Jin confronts Gio, Kazuki and Widow show up, but Widow is subsequently damaged by Gio after she attempts to blast Toa. As Thanatos is shown to be close at hand, Akira and Machina are shown to disappear from their ice tomb.