Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 20 English Dub

May 26, 2012

As Jin and his comrades travel, Gio disappears without telling the others after he senses something from Thanatos. Once they reach the ocean, Jin and company encounter a submarine piloted by Kitajima and Nozaki, who invites them to board. They plan an attack on Tartarus, and as Jin and Toa battle Kazuki and Widow, the others infiltrate the ISDA base, where they find Raina and Itsuki. Nozaki realizes that Sakaki intends to use the "Aegis system" on the captured Dragons. Laura then appears, prompting Nozaki to fight her alone, as Sieglinde finds a way to free the captured Dragons, reuniting with Amadeus. While Howlingstar and Otohime help Jin and Toa, the others check up on Nozaki. As Laura escapes upon seeing the others, she senses something approaching. Gio appears and surprises all by attacking his comrades.