Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 15 English Dub

May 26, 2012

A flashback of how Asim gained his title twelve years ago is shown. Back in the present, Asim and Toa argue about the nature of the human race. Just when Toa talks about the power love can create, Asim informs her of Jin's arrival. Jin and Gio head toward Toa's location, as Akira and Machina stay behind to fight off the Gillard military fleet. Gio, in his Communicator form, and Jin storms the main building, and eventually arrives in the throne room. Gio is confronted by Garnet while Jin is attacked by Asim. Toa, witnessing this, cries out, resulting in the glass, which surrounds her, to crack. Toa distracts Asim, allowing Jin to punch him, which then distracts Garnet, allowing Gio to knock her out. Jin and Toa embrace as they are reunited once again.