Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 2 English Sub

May 26, 2012

Jin suddenly wakes up in an ISDA room, where he is questioned about the shuttle accident two years ago. He is also told the truth about the asteroid Thanatos, in which extraterrestrial life called Dragons came to Earth from Thanatos. Hearing that one of these Dragons was the cause of the shuttle accident, he asks them to tell this to the public, but they deny his request and instead ask him to become a Dragonaut, which he rejects. He then meets his old friend, Kazuki, who now works for the ISDA. Later, Jin runs away from the ISDA to meet with Toa, but their reunion is cut short when the ISDA attempts to capture her. During their attempt, one of their own, Spirytus, transforms into a Dragon and attacks Jin. In order to protect Jin, Toa, known as the "Album", reveals that she too can transform into a Dragon.