Ouran Koukou Host Club Episode 26 English Dub

May 14, 2012

Kyoya tells Haruhi that her debt has been repaid, therefore she is able to leave the host club, but she declines the offer, realizing that she has made friends in the host club and that she does not want to leave. The host club must race against time to keep Tamaki in Japan as he is about to depart for France. They try to catch up using Kyoya's limo, but are angered to find out Grand Tonerre will not let them go after Tamaki and Éclair. Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru end up riding a horse-carriage to catch up with Tamaki. Kyoya, Honey, and Mori stay behind to battle with the Otori family police. Hikaru gets hurt in a crash and Kaoru stays behind to care for him. Haruhi rides the carriage to go after Tamaki. Haruhi convinces Tamaki to return to the host club and reaches for her hand, but Tamaki is stopped by Éclair. Haruhi falls from the carriage and off a bridge. Éclair lets go of Tamaki's arm and Tamaki thanks her before jumping from the car to save Haruhi. In the end, Haruhi, dances with all the members of the host club, while Yuzuru and Yoshio consider no longer being business rivals, following their own sons' example. Then they go into an argument about whose son will marry Haruhi.