Ouran Koukou Host Club Episode 8 English Sub

May 14, 2012

The host club, along with some of the customers, visits a beach in Okinawa upon Haruhi's request. Hikaru and Kaoru devise a game to find out Haruhi's phobia. Kyoya hypes up the competition by offering up photos of Haruhi in middle school, refusing to explain where he got them. However, Haruhi is thrown into the sea, after defending some girls who were being intimidated by a pair of drunken punks. Tamaki rebukes Haruhi for being so reckless, causing them to avoid each other for the day. Kyoya appears to try to sexually assault Haruhi, only to reveal her vulnerability, convincing her to apologize to Tamaki. Tamaki wins the competition discreetly in the end, finding out she has brontophobia, the fear of thunder and lightning, when he sees Haruhi hiding in a closet. However, the rest of the host club walks in at the most inappropriate moment, as he covers her ears and eyes to help deal with the phobia. Unfortunately, the rest of the host club misperceives Tamaki involving Haruhi in sexual activity, or as they said S&M.