Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode 1 English Sub

May 6, 2012

On the way to school, Fumino spots something strange behind the trash can resembling cat ears. Later, Takumi and the others then discover that one of the cake orders was mysteriously eaten up. Ieyasa suspects a little boy for the incident and disbelieves the boy's claims that a large cat is responsible. Realizing what happened in the morning, Fumino tries to find the cat with the boy. Ieyasu and Chise, also after the large cat for their desires (Ieyasu's galge desires and Chise's RPG game "Grand Bravers") compete with Fumino. After Ieyasu, Fumino, and Chise fail to capture the mysterious figure, Otome return home the next day and presents the strange cat, who is a human girl, to Takumi and the others.