Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Episode 1 English Sub

April 24, 2012

Section 9 is called in to resolve a hostage crisis at a geisha house staffed by android geisha. After the crisis is taken care of, Aramaki is approached by Kubota, who reveals that the Japanese Foreign Minister was being actively investigated by military intelligence after expressing interest in the Ichinose Report, a document detailing diplomatic and military actions to be taken in the event of a national crisis. Given the sensitive nature of the case, Kubota asks that Section 9 take over the investigation where the original team left off. While reviewing the details of the hostage crisis at the geisha house, Togusa figures out what really happened: the Foreign Minister had his cyberbrain switched with that of an unknown intelligence agent working for the American Empire. Section 9 springs into action, successfully preventing the American intelligence agent, who is using the Foreign Minister's body, from leaving the country with the sensitive report in his possession.