Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 4 English Dub

January 11, 2012

During the first test, a number of participants fall out from fatigue after running for at least forty kilometers. Leorio almost gives up until he is encouraged by Gon, who waits for him. Killua, a participant, is introduced and he is curious of Gon's personality when he discovers that the boy is the same age as him. Kurapika and Leorio talk about the reason for being a hunter, with Kurapika wanting to take down the Phantom Troupe as his clan was massacred by them for their precious scarlet eyes, which manifest when the Kurta uses their heightened sense. Leorio aims to be a hunter for money, for purely altruistic reasons, as his childhood friend died of an illness without the funds to save him. He wishes to be a doctor so he can give his patients free treatment. Finally, the participants reach the end of the tunnel they are in and up to the surface to the Numere Wetlands, also known as Swindlers' Swamp. Satotz warns them about the creatures using devious tactics to lure and eat their prey in the wetlands, and falling for their tricks equals death. A man claiming to be their original examiner says Satotz is a man-faced ape masquerading as their examiner to fool them. Hisoka, in the belief that a well-trained Hunter would be able to avoid attacks, throws his playing cards on Satotz and the man. The man is killed while Satotz stops the attack, revealing himself to be the real examiner. Hisoka is warned not to attack Satotz again otherwise he will be disqualified. Satotz tells the participants to follow him into the swamp, and if any of them loses sight of him, they will never reach the second venue.