Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 2 English Sub

January 11, 2012

Gon, Kurapika and Leorio reach Dolle Harbor and are given instructions by the captain to head for the cedar tree on the hilltop behind the city. Moving through a small town, the three are stopped by a group of people, where an old woman gives a question requring them to choose from two choices. Answering wrongly, refusing to answer or attempting to head back will result in failure of the exam. A scheming participant who followed the three answers a question and is allowed to pass. The old woman then poses the question to the three, which asks which of their loved ones will they rescue first, son or daughter. When Leorio complains there's no right answer, Kurapika understands it's a trick question and manages to stop Leorio from attacking the old woman. When the time is up and no answer is given, they pass, as the right answer is silence. The old woman sends Gon and the others to the correct path. Upon reaching the cedar tree, they find the navigators who live there under attack by a shapeshifting creature. While Leorio tends to the wounded, Gon and Kurapika go after the creature only to discover there is more than one and also breaks their ruse when one of them poses as Leorio. Impressed, the creatures reveal themselves to be the navigators and fly them to the exam venue.