Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 11 English Sub

March 13, 2015

Eiko finds an old doll named Depp from her childhood that freaks Squid Girl out as it appears to move by itself overnight. As Eiko recalls that Depp is an alarm clock for the morning, and, as Eiko and Sanae wonder about the whereabouts of the other doll named Johnny, they remember that the two dolls were set as a reminder to wake up and lie down. Having witnessed her abilities first, Cindy starts to wonder if Chizuru is actually an alien and enlists the help of Harris, Clark, and Martin to gather some DNA, though the three have trouble approaching the situation. Later, Squid Girl and the Aizawas go on a hiking trip to the mountains, where Squid Girl's tentacles seem to attract the appetites of the wildlife. After a long hike, they meet Sanae, who tells them that she came via cable car.