Saki Episode 4 English Sub

January 31, 2014

Hisa announces to the club about their participation in the national qualifying tournament, and she hands out the rules. Yūki notes the previous all first-year champion Ryūmonbuchi, particularly the gameplay of Amae Koromo. Hisa asks Saki and Nodoka to work at Mako's family's cafe for a day to experience real world skills in relation to mahjong play. Upon arrival, the two find a maid cafe, which requires embarrassing maid uniforms. A single automatic mahjong table is there, and Saki and Nodoka easily win against two customers. After one leaves, a woman joins them, whose presence intimidates Saki. The woman dominated in five mahjong games; and at the end, Fujita reveals herself as a professional mahjong player. Saki and Nodoka later find out about Hisa's acquaintance to Fujita. Likewise, Hisa reveals their arrangement for them to experience real defeat and stimulate motivation to improve. Finally, Hisa reveals plans for a mahjong training camp.