Hachimitsu to Clover Episode 20 English Sub

October 29, 2013

Nomiya calls Yamazaki and Miwako to the office early in the morning to assist a drunken Yamada to her father's house. Later on, Morita meets up with Mayama, and Morita tells Mayama that he wants to visit the office again sometime. Mayama views pictures of Ferris wheels taken by Nomiya, noticing how much Ferris wheels meant to Nomiya. Morita finds Yamada, having great concern over her. Morita then walks her to her house. The next day, Professor Hanamoto explains to Takemoto how he became a teacher. Takemoto then tells Professor Hanamoto that everyone except him has their future planned out, including Hagu. Morita becomes surprised that Hagu doesn't want her paintings to be displayed and shown in museums and art galleries. Professor Hanamoto tells Morita that it is up to Hagu to do what she wants with her art, but Professor Hanamoto questions himself if that is the right thing to do. At the office, Yamazaki and Miwako accuses Nomiya of having a perverted personality. However, Nomiya recalls that he was trying to change his ways until Mayama started working at the office, since Mayama had the same personality as him. Yamada is seen by Professor Shōda, making pottery. She had made too much pottery, which Professor Shōda realized that something was troubling her.