Love Lab Episode 10 English Sub

September 6, 2013

With the Newspaper Association fiasco behind them, Riko and co. return their attention to the love requests they had been receiving in the suggestion boxes. However the girls first decide to address Sayori's plain fashion sense for the next date with her boyfriend. Yū Yamazaki recalls his first meeting with Sayori when she transferred to his grade school and reveals that her family had been in a bit of financial turmoil at the time. This resulted in Sayori falling victim to bullying from her peers, but her stoic and realist personality helped her to easily overcome it, at the cost of making her a virtual loner. Yū eventually began liking Sayori after a childish incident which ended in her extorting him and later lamenting his wish to spend more time with her. After school, Sayori visits Yuiko's house for her periodic chore of "slapping reality" into Yuiko's masochistic, shut-in older brother. The girls discuss a photograph of a younger Suzune and her two older siblings who she explains used to compete with each other when doting on her. In contrast, they pity Yuiko's photos in which her brother constantly teases her. Sayori decides to help reform Suzune by flicking her forehead every time she succumbs to her clumsy. Later that day, Natsuo notices and treats Suzune's hurt forehead. Afterwards, Suzune notices Yuiko helping two students in their cleaning duties and remarks on the former's sense of justice. Finally, Riko helps encourage Suzune when struggling at track and the latter fondly recalls that she only enjoys running when it helps take her to the Student Council room. Note: This episode was organized into a series of disconnected shorts.