Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 35 English Sub

April 22, 2013

This episode is about MARs' Dream Live. Aira seems to be hyper than usual. She is giving it her all. Shō carries her bag and walks her home the next day. The following day, when they are practicing, Serena and Kanon came in, and they told MARs that they are going to participate in the High Heel Cup. When MARs asked them who is their third member, they didn't say anything. During the live, the previous songs came back. MARs performs You may Dream and each one gives a performance of her own character song used in the Tiara Cup. During their last performance, the lights suddenly went off. After Aira lets out her feelings to the audience, the lights come back on (all the credit goes to the crazy president who viciously pressed random buttons). They perform and Aira is able to pull off a new dance step or move to combine with Mion and Rizumu. The last scene is that Kaname comes out and said that the concert was fun. The episode ends with the mysterious blonde haired woman (seemingly to be Sonata Kanzaki) staring at the banner, notably at Aira and Rizumu.