Love Live! School Idol Project Episode 13 English Sub

April 1, 2013

With Honoka and Umi still not talking to each other, Eli puts μ's on indefinite hiatus so they can think rationally about the situation. As Honoka's friends take her out to cheer her up, Umi visits Kotori, who has also yet to talk with Honoka, trying to see what she truly wants. Honoka later runs into Nico training alongside Rin and Hanayo, stating that even if μ's is on hiatus, she still wants to be an idol because she loves it. Later, Eli visits Honoka, who reminds her of the words that saved her when she was down. Realising her true feelings, Honoka apologises to Umi, stating she still wants to become an idol. Making up with her, Umi sends Honoka to get to Kotori before she leaves Japan and convince her to stay, helping her realise her own desire to stay as well. With all nine members reassembled, μ's is reformed and perform together to a filled school auditorium, vowing to keep on pushing forward.