One Piece Episode 191 English Sub

January 8, 2012

Nami finds out a way to get to Eneru and sends a message to the others for them to cutting down Giant Jack. Zoro cuts down half of the stalk, but Eneru fires a bolt straight at Zoro, rendering him unconscious. As the others look on hopelessly, Wyper lets his pride get the better of him, saying that the descendants of Calgara should ring the bell. Usopp tries to help in a knowingly futile attempt by using his Exploding Star techniques. Robin tells Wyper that Cricket, Noland's descendant, is searching for the Gold City and Luffy wants to ring the bell for him. Reinvigorated, Wyper goes to Giant Jack and uses one final Reject, knocking down the rest of the stalk in the process. Nami and Luffy then charge up Giant Jack to face Eneru.