Kaiketsu Zorori (TV) Episode 11 English Sub

February 21, 2013

Duke Bururu is having another contest, this time for a new car and a year's supply of ice cream. Zorori once again wins by sucking on a ice pop stick for two hours to reveal the winning message. But like last time, there's a catch. Zorori must win a miniature car race before he can get his prize. With the help of Paru who now owns a toy car parts shop, they modify their toy car to run on fart power. Zorori, Ishishi, Duke Bururu, and Koburu shrink down and race the cars, with Zorori as the winner. Bururu congratulates them and gives them their prize: Three cups of ice cream and a tricycle attacked to a wagon with the image of the new car on a cardboard cut-out over it. Based on book 21.