Love Live! School Idol Project Episode 7 English Dub

February 18, 2013

Hanayo informs the gang of a school idol tournament called Love Live in which the top 20 school idol groups from across the nation compete against each other. Needing the school's permission to enter, the group go to ask the chairwoman for permission, and despite Eli's objection, she approves of their entry on the condition that none of them fail a subject in the upcoming exams. This puts a lot of pressure on Honoka, Rin and Nico, who have generally bad grades. Umi and Kotori decide to help Honoka study whilst Hanayo and Maki help Rin and Nozomi helps Nico. Later that day, Umi comes across Eli's little sister, Arisa, a fan of μ's who reveals Eli shot a video of their live performance and uploaded it to the internet. When confronted about why she refuses to acknowledge μ's, she simply responds that she considers all school idols amateurs. As Umi asks Nozomi about why Eli would think that way, she reveals that Eli used to be a talented ballerina. Rather than being deterred by this, Umi becomes determined to ask Eli to teach the group how to dance like her. After the exams finish and everyone manages to pass, Honoka overhears the chairwoman tell Eli that the school will stop accepting new students next year and be shut down.