Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit-hen Episode 14 English Sub

January 26, 2013

The Seoul Stage of the VF Circuit begins with Team Q4 coming across Team Movie Stars, the local favorite favored to win the Seoul Stage. The teams head into the cardfight area where they learn special rules will be applied in this stage. Team Q4 faces off with Team Seven Seas, who are all pirates who use Granblue decks like Team Handsome. Aichi's special rule is to have a drive check for rear-guards, Misaki's rule is all turns must be completed within 30 seconds, and Kamui's rule is you can't see what you attack. Aichi trails 4 damage to 2 when he summons Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel and places 2 grade 3 units in the rear-guard zone. This means he gets a minimum of 6 drive checks. His opponent guards twice, but thanks to 2 stand triggers, Aichi manages to pile up the damage and wins 6-4. Misaki memorizes her opponent's hand and makes it where he can't guard with a timely bind allowing her to win 6-2. Kamui keeps missing his opponent, but through the process of elimination, he destroys all the rear-guards and eventually gets to his opponent's vanguard. Kamui manages to stand three of his rear-guards to win 6-2. They go to watch Team Movie Stars match only to find out it has finished. Team Movie Stars has been defeated by New Team Asteroid consisting of Ren, Asaka, and Kai. The second round is set with New Team Asteroid battling Team Q4.